composite wood flooring

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composite wood flooring

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:21 am

<p>dedicated' direction. Insiders pointed out that this year, the wood flooring industry in the leading enterprises, will still be on the basis of last year to accelerate the pace of diversified development.<a href=''>wood deck privacy panels</a><br/> Encountered in the 'blowout period' industry,black composite deck stain no war and the proliferation of smoke over the years of intense competition compared to the situation in 2009, Sichuan wood flooring market is more calm, which slightly aspect is the holy group to Sichuan market as a breakthrough, the first to launch the ' New solid wood flooring 'and start a new round of' big shop building '. At present, the group has set up franchise in the province 'new solid wood flooring' stores </p>
<p>nearly 40, sales than the previous year (2008) increased by about 30%; and the industry followed by another Aspect, then the nature , Anxin, Chint, Hongji, Lianfeng 5 solid wood flooring 'integrity alliance'<a href=''>prices for flooring for outdoor decks</a> was established. As the market in 2009,composite 2x6 in Thailand one after another, the purchase of wood flooring is relatively concentrated, the market demand amplification, big brands are basically in an overwhelming situation, therefore, several major first-floor wood flooring brand their original market share has not been a strong challenge, Showing a 'personal self-sweep before the snow,' the busy scene. Looking at the space to find a breakthrough in the wood </p>
<p>flooring market relatively calm trend,<a href=''>disadvantages of composite walls</a> the wooden industry has been from the 'outside' strong impact, which is in the up and down the floor five years ago, the first single shot into the wooden industry, the elephant floor , As the new floor, Zhengtai floor, Hongji floor and other first-line wood flooring main brand spotted the 'doorway', by the increasingly high-profile brand influence, quickly open up territory in the field of doors, due to high brand awareness, strength, the price of many products Even higher than the 'orthodox' professional wooden door manufacturers,is plastic paneling for decking paintable the formation of a strong pressure, successfully captured part of the Sichuan market share. </p>

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