conference was published by the World

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conference was published by the World

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:42 pm

<p>trademarks 'and in 2005 by the world's authority issued by the' China's most valuable brand 500 'and other awards. Shanghai was held in Hong Kong, China, organized by the World Business Week,<a href=''>lightweight waterproof decking</a> the world operator's website and the world brand laboratory. The conference was published by the World Brand Laboratory (WBL) in 2005 (second ) 'Brand China brand China' large-scale investigation of all the research reports and survey results.snap together deck planks At the same time promulgated the 2005 'China Brand Annual Award', 2005 'China's economic man of the year', 2005 'Hong Kong 100 most influential brand' and other awards. In the 2005 </p>
<p>'China's most influential brand'<a href=''>durable fencing materials greece</a> (TOP10), Shanghai Huili Building Materials Co., Ltd. in the paint industry ranked fourth (the top three are state, Dulux, Carpoly); in the wood The flooring industry ranked third (the first two is the elephant, the high). Shanghai Huili Group President Bao Chengyi, Huili Construction Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Mao Zhenhua was invited to attend the General Assembly,grooved deck gasket waterproof and received the 2005 'China's most influential brand' (TOP10) certificate. Shanghai 2005-09-21 (China Commercial Telecommunications) - Recently, the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association flooring professional committee </p>
<p>published a rigorous review of the '2005 Shanghai fine wood flooring 9', they are: proud of the floor, Po Elegant floor, Belinda floor, Fillinger floor, Hans floor, gorgeous floor, sink floor,<a href=''>ultratimber installation guide</a> castle floor, tiles floor. The review further improved the Shanghai flooring industry's quality strategy, but also indicates that the Shanghai flooring industry has entered a new era of full bloom. From China's own production of the first floor to strengthen the floor in Shanghai Huili birth, it shows the extraordinary vitality and strong momentum of development. In 2004, can i use wood deck tiles on grassShanghai solid wood flooring production of more than 20 million square meters, more than 3 </p>

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