consumers like a heater, the following we

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consumers like a heater, the following we

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:16 am

<p>majority of consumers love, here we learn the way to use wooden heater. What is a wooden heater? Wooden heater is made of wood made of flat-type heater, also known as solid wood heater, roast stove, electric drums and foot-type heater, this heater energy saving, environmental protection, safety, health Can be widely applied to residential, office, hotels, hospitals, schools, simple activities, such as various types of residential buildings, is a new type of energy-</p>
<p>saving heater. Second, the use of wooden heater 1, open the packaging. In the bottom of the installation of the foot (some products may need), the wooden heater face up on a stable surface. 2, the wooden heater power plug into the 220V, 10A above the ground wire socket. 3, open the thermostat switch, from left to right, any adjustment can be, the switch is getting brighter temperature is getting higher and higher, the switch light the darker the higher the </p>
<p>temperature (referring to solid wood heater). 4, the shoes off, put your feet on the wooden heater on the shelf, a small blanket or a small quilt cover your feet (best cover the knee). Through the above description, I believe we already know what is the wooden heater it! Wooden heater to use the way, had a small family to share on the end, and we hope that the correct use of wooden heater to help, More home supplies knowledge, please continue to pay attention </p>
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