Wood floor summer maintenance tips

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Wood floor summer maintenance tips

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:21 am

<P>Midsummer arrives, the temperature rises day by day, the floor is most prone to contraction from the seam phenomenon. Because of the high temperature, the internal moisture of the wood is easy to evaporate,no cracks pvc ceiling panel with groove resulting in the floor volume shrinkage, resulting in widening of the gap at the floor. When the situation is serious, the floor seams detachment, cracking.</P>
<P>At this point to open the air conditioning is also of no avail, because the air conditioning is equivalent to a dehumidifier,malaysia wood composite the floor for a long time in the air conditioning, the same will make the floor dry and produce shrinkage. There is a can not be ignored in the summer floor "killer" is the sun exposure. Close to the balcony or window on the edge of the floor after exposure, often appear from the seam, the film will blister, discoloration, or even from.</P>
<P>Wood floor of the "summer" should pay attention to three points: First of all, if the home installed wooden floor, must be someone to stay. Second, the home air conditioning as far as possible not to face the floor blowing,outside play deck areas ideas for toddlers if the feeling of dry room, you can properly humidification; Finally, the owners should be out when the curtains should be out when the curtains should be kept in the room, Pull, do not let the sun direct sun to the floor.</P>

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