Wooden floor to stain the coup

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Wooden floor to stain the coup

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:40 pm

<P>1, candle decontamination: the burning of the remaining candle head accumulated, when a certain amount of collection, the chopped to remove the candle core, called the amount of adding the same amount of turpentine in the wax, placed in the cold water Boil the water in the pot,композитный деревянный настил сингапур so that the candle to dissolve, stir and pour into the tank after cooling standby. In order to make the floor easy and effort, use the front floor wax can be slightly heated.</P>
<P>2, from the lotion: in the cauldron put soft soap, bleaching earth, soda of 450 grams and 2270 ml of water are fully mixed, they boil and boil to the original volume of half, and then cooled and stored in the tank The Use a hard brush to dipping this liquid to brush the stain on the floor,деревянный пластиковый композитный пол usually along the floor of the brush, and then use hot water to clean and dry.</P>
<P>3, salad oil, milk and tea: rub the floor, add a few drops of salad oil in the water, the floor can be very bright. Or with sour milk add a little vinegar, not only can decontamination,кинетика высокоэластичных стеновых панелей and can be polished very bright. In addition, the paint on the floor of the dirt can be wiped with thick tea. Wipe the stains on the floor of the kitchen with burnt honey, and then spread the vinegar on the mop and drag the floor. It is also easy to remove the stain.</P>
<P>4, concentrated alkaline water: the floor with grease like oil traces, can be boiled concentrated quasi-alkaline water solution,палуба плита оптовиков в Китае and then covered with bleach and hot water synthesis of dough, and keep a night and then clean, If necessary, repeatable.</P>

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