large, decorative effect after the rich and colorful

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large, decorative effect after the rich and colorful

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:55 am

<p>of the original wood base paper, so that the walls breathe breathable, not moldy, not drum package. Here we take a look at the use of three-tier wood spinning wallpaper which advantages. 1. Decorative effect: wallpaper color, a wide range of patterns, choose a large, decorative effect after the rich and colorful, make the home more warm, and Association. After improved pigment formulations, now the wallpaper has solved the problem of fading. 2. Wide range of </p>
<p>applications: grass-roots materials for cement, wood, powder wall can be used, easy and interior decoration color, style to maintain harmony. 3. Easy maintenance: wallpaper scrubbing performance is good, clean water is clean, easy to clean, and have better update performance. 4. Use of security and environmental protection: wallpaper has a certain sound absorption, insulation, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial function, a better anti-aging, pest control, non-toxic, non-</p>
<p>polluting. 5. wallpaper has a strong decorative effect, different styles of wallpaper with can often create a different feeling of personality space. Whether it is simple style or country style, pastoral style or Chinese, Western, classical, modern, wallpaper can outline a new feeling, which is latex paint or other wall materials can not do. 6. wallpaper pavement time is short, can greatly shorten the duration. 7. wallpaper has a relatively good wear resistance, anti-pollution, </p>
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