strong international brand

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strong international brand

Unread postby qizhen0809 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:53 am

<p>for the floor, the confidence of the Chinese economy, which is the development of Whirlpool floor, a new starting point.April 21, organized by the Nanjing Whirlpool floor, the floor industry associations,<a href=''>mocha walnut wood privacy fence</a> the national wood-based panel testing center, Jiangsu Province Consumers Association, Jiangsu Province, the quality inspection departments to participate in the 'China Forest Products Industry Association, the Chinese Consumers Association in Beijing jointly issued' Flooring industry service standards 'began to March 26 this year,' China Wood Flooring Industry Integrity Declaration building benches on a deck with backrests Saudi Arabia'press conference held in Beijing have shown that China's </p>
<p>flooring industry as a whole and the development is good,timber tech decking over concrete porch healthy and positive. Association of flooring committee official said that a brand of vicious speculation behavior is only an individual problem, but also reminded us that we should self-examination and self-correcting, correct line, enhance the industry credibility and competitiveness in the product quality and technology, Professor of economics at the University of Munich, Germany, said: 'Many of the quality of Chinese flooring has been more than foreign products, <a href=''>Electric Horse Fence or Wood Fence Spain</a><br/>but has not been able to attract consumer attention, the Chinese brand is the most lack of self-confidence. 'Nanjing Roberts </p>
<p>Whirlpool floor, the person in charge said:' China's flooring companies are not afraid of competition, because we are the strength of the consumer and the relevant departments to test.wood plastic wall price 'Whirlpool company organizing this event is to allow consumers to understand the business and products, eliminate consumer concerns about the flooring industry, take concrete actions to establish the integrity of the image of: Wang Wen midwinter end of the year, is about to meet in this happy occasion , <a href="">best wood plastic composite door</a><br/>We Roland International Group has ushered in an exciting good news - Group's Whirlpool floor won the State Administration of Quality Supervision, 'the national </p>

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